X-SIGHT maximizes the synergies between consulting, HR service, trainings and coachings. Our methodology is based on precise planning of our partners’ special demands. For designing exactly what kind of development method is needed we must make a diagnosis together.

To whom? What? How?

Diverse organisations and sectors means different cultures thanks to the variety of leaders, the expectations of the parent company, but also the competencies and motivation of middle managers and subordinates. This is why diagnostics is a must before a development process.

Return on investment: our partners’ investments return 3-20 times in the first 12 months.

Success: We delivered successfully more than 100 projects so far in the fields of banking and insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing and more.

Growth: We grew our revenue more than 35% in very single year.

Focus: People, communication and actions are in our focus.

Performance: In the fields of performance management and performance coaching we are the first.

Uniqueness: We maximizes the synergies between consulting, HR service, trainings and coachings.

Courage: Challenges inspire us.

Self-confidence: We also stands projects with success fee.

Scope: The impact of our work extends from strategy to operative delivery.

Experience: More than 25 years long experience behind of it results credibility and real breakthroughs.


  • Strategy development / implementation
  • Breakthroughs in sales / leadership
  • Culture change


  • Programmes in 30 languages
  • 96% customer satisfaction
  • 760% ROI Sustainability


  • Getting to the point
  • Customization
  • Sustainability


The key of X-SIGHT is the team behind of it.

Thanks to their commitment, mentality, knowledge, values and experience we gain real breakthrough within our partners.


Géza Hajnal

Managing partner, master coach, trainer, consultant


Dr Ottó Kiss-Weszelovszky

Partner, trainer, coach, consultant insurance industry manager


Gergely Gasztonyi

Partner, senior consultant, trainer & coach


Péter Török

Partner, senior consultant, senior trainer & coach


Péter Földesi

Trainer, Innermetrix consultant


Tamara Szikszai

Partner, consultant, innovator, team coach


Adél Kozma

Psychologist, consultant, trainer


Klára Brózik

Trainer, EQ and NLP oriented coach


Dr Nóra Kiss-Weszelovszky

HR leader, consultant


Henrietta Szabó

Chief Operating Officer


Ágnes Hidasi

Training and sales consultant


Nóra Csuvarszki

Professional leader in adult education


Ildikó Bieniek



Krisztina Tóth-Vass

Trainer, coach


Géza Oberczian



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