The coach is not a consultant. The coach is not a priest. The coach is not a psychologist. The coach is not a teacher. Coaching is not about the past or the analysis. Coaching looks ahead, changes in anchorage and strives for new ways.

What is the approach of an X-Coach?

  1. Identifying the need for development: In phase one, the most important goal is the building up of mutual trust. We evaluate the coachee’s state and the challenges they face so that our questions are viewed as relevant and so the coachee is able to feel that we are with them and are serving their interests.
  2. Recording the results to be achieved: Based on the coachee’s vision, we work together to formulate measurable goals.
  3. Clarification of Responsibilities and Conditions: We don’t look at the past, but see coaching as a forward-looking opportunity, ensuring our coachees discover ways to reach their specific and individual goals. The knowledge coachees gain in this way is focused on implementation.
  4. Project Development: This phase is about the “how to”, and involves at least three coaching sessions. Creating a plan is basically the job of the coachee; the coach’s job is only to catalyse the coachee’s thinking process, clarify the elements of their plan, uncover any difficulties that may arise and, above all, ensure the coachee takes action.
  5. Tracking, Support, Feedback: This is the most important stage in terms of achieving results. Feedback positively motivates the coachee – strong emphasis is placed on recognising good results, discussing areas for improvement and developing a specific development programme.

An X-Coach always fights for the solution, not for the truth.

Our Coaching areas:

  • Executive coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Supervision
  • Life coaching
  • Sales coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Solution-Oriented coaching
  • Rapid coaching
  • Brief coaching
  • On-the-Job coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioral coaching
  • Telecoaching, Narrative coaching
  • Positive psychology coaching
  • Provocative coaching
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