Digital X-Perience

Keep up the pace!

  • digital efficiency
  • modern challenges
  • smart solutions for everyday life

What can Digital X-Perience training do better than other traditional training methods?


There are 5 reasons for this – by joining us, you will learn methodologies and knowledge that can be used in everyday life.

This training is for you if you…

  1. want to make the most of your digital devices.
  2. are interested in quick win techniques.
  3. like innovative solutions and strive to keep up with the incredible progress of our times.
  4. love all the new innovations, but have little time to look closely at the most advanced techniques.
  5. would like to apply your newly acquired knowledge either at work or in your free time.

If you join us you’ll…

  • make your everyday life easier through the use of easy-to-use innovative ideas and new solutions.
  • gain an insight into new technologies to generate new alternatives.
  • see creativity can be learned as we break it down into tools and methods.
  • learn advanced tools that you can use in your everyday work (Android and iOS apps).
  • focus on exploiting the opportunities of today which can bring you countless benefits.

A képzés részletei:

1 dax
12 person
Budapest or, if the number is appropriate, any corner of the country
50 000 HUF + VAT (non-residential)

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