Self X-Press

The training that is all about you!

  • emotional intelligence
  • personality test
  • self-knowledge

How is Self X-Press training different from other traditional training methods?


Here are 5 reasons to join us, which will help you get to know your internal motivations and help you answer questions about yourself.

This training is for you if you…

  1. love taking and interpreting personality and behaviour tests.
  2. have always been interested in how others view you and you like to get feedback.
  3. want to know why obstacles are created in your life and how to break them down.
  4. are interested in the psychology of people’s behaviour and decisions, in addition to your own.
  5. believe that the path to success in your career and in your private life is through developing your self-knowledge.

By joining us you’ll…

  • see how multifaceted your behaviour can truly be through individual and group assignments – and you’ll be amazed.
  • get clear-cut reflection and developmental input and receive lots of confidence-enhancing feedback.
  • receive new internal motivation, strength, enthusiasm and ideas with intense focus and by getting to know yourself better.
  • become aware of the psychological makeup of different types of people through yourself and your peers.
  • leave the training with a professional portrait photo, helping you show your best to the world.

A képzés részletei:

1 day
12 person
Budapest or, if the number is appropriate, any corner of the country
50 000 HUF + VAT (non-residential)

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