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ProfileXT examines the entire personality from a work perspective


To what extent do you require learning? Do you need practical or theoretical knowledge? What is your comfort zone? How do you do what you know and love? What do you like and not like? What is it that energises and motivates you? Let us answer these and many other similar questions.

What does the ProfileXT assessment do?


Methodological characteristics: its results are valid for 2-3 years and its reliability 82%.


  • During interviews, people often say what they think will get them the position rather than the truth. The survey provides an objective picture of real and hidden capacities when employees are being selected.
  • The ProfileXT competency assessment examines the candidate’s or colleague’s overall personality from a work perspective and shows you how well they would be able to handle the position in your organisation.
  • This enables you to compare the competencies of an individual with those which are key to success in a given job.

Individual Development:

  • The assessment provides a detailed picture of the employee’s capacity and provides information to them and their manager regarding the area where conscious attention is required to overcome the employee’s “limitations” for success.


Group Development (for training sessions):

  • We create a data export from the PXT results of a given group by exploring the relationships within it to determine exactly what developmental focus is needed based on the type of work the group members are working on and based on the situations that each participant can contribute to their experience-based development.


  • From the survey results, we give managers practical suggestions on how to support their colleague to maximise performance as soon as possible.


HR strategy:

    • Based on the assessment findings, we provide the company (based on 2-4 years of experience) with reliable information to assist in the development of their workforce strategy and talent development programme, in promotions and appointments, and in organisational development or potential transformation.

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