Stress Killer

Turn off, recharge, and get to know your map to success!

  • autogenous training
  • balance every day
  • experience and recharge

What exactly is Stress Killer, and who is it for?


Stress is a nasty little demon that can often appear in our lives. We can help you tame it.

This training is for you if…

  1. your daily routine fills you with stress and you have too much tension in your life.
  2. you’re interested in a wide range of meditation and relaxation techniques.
  3. you want to learn the kinds of techniques which help you achieve a sense of balance at any time.
  4. you would like to have some downtime in a beautiful, quiet and peaceful environment.
  5. you are interested in managing stress and turning your bottled-up emotions into a positive resource.

By joining us you’ll…

  • have the opportunity to spend a day and a half in one of the most beautiful places in Hungary and to participate in programmes such as SUP Yoga and Autogenic Training.
  • receive a fully detailed stress map and help in personalising your strategy.
  • receive help which you can use immediately to eliminate your real stressors and learn how to shape and use them as a positive resource.
  • learn the technology behind the Five Senses, which teaches us how to balance our senses.
  • get tools and tips to prevent early burnout.

A képzés részletei:

Intensive 1.5 days (residential)
12 person
Balaton / Velencei-tó / Bánki-tó
50 000 HUF + VAT and 5000 HUF accommodation and food allowance

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